Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coming In September

Hard to believe but MOSP turns TWO in September.

As part of the celebration (well actually THE celebration as I am not a party gal) there will be a hunt. For those of you that hang out here a lot, it should be pretty easy. Hints will appear on this blog as well as in the group notices and as a handout at the welcome area.

Test how well you really know the diverse locations that make up the Machinima Open Studio Project! 

Over half the prizes will be unisex. Girls, as always, get special treatment. Well we ARE special!!!! *wink*

Friday, July 25, 2014

Rounding out July

Many new additions made their way to MOSP this hot summer month. Outdoor seating complete with food (of course) can be found outside the Cafe 51 in the full sim city.

Plushy new furniture makes the library in The Villas (Spring Romance) even nicer.

Also in The Villas (look in the hallway alcoves) a very pretty dressing table perfect for close up shots. There are many props and both poses and animations.

The Sound Stages have had some upgrades and additions including this fixer upper prop I am thinking in Sound Stage 2 (she says hopefully).

It is always good to keep abreast of the plethora of areas at MOSP. Even more so in September when you skills at remembering will get you some prizes. It will be the two year anniversary and I couldn't let that pass without some sort of celebration. So keep your eyes open for announcements as time draws closer.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Endless Journey

If you love:

  • the enigmatic
  • minimalistic grayscale
  • Haiku poetry
then the Endless Journey was built for you.

Pick up an info notecard and landmark at the main landing area - or -
immerse yourself with no preconceptions at the start of the adventure.

Filming is of course encouraged, but this is more about looking at the world in a different way.