Friday, February 1, 2019

What's New February

Lots of new additions last month including a completely furnished skybox with snow view.

Plenty of clutter adds to that lived in look.

Lots of seating for large group shots.

A cozy bedroom with open closet for rest and ponderings.

Find the Snow Daze lodge here. 

Somewhere between a futuristic abode and an Earthship, the sphere house area is underway.

A friendly outdoor setting with more to come. Find it here in the Peaceful Place elevation. 

morning coffee

A new beverage machine (so many choices) arrived at the diner.  Find it here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What's New January

Welcome to 2019!

News this month is a revamping of Deep Blue Fantasy. A little less romantic, a bit more mystical ---

Some of the new prop additions added this month can be found in the seamstress shop:

Don't forget the cut-away shots!

And then there is always new clutter.  Love that clutter!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

What's New December

Lots and lots of newness this month including some winter and holiday scenes.


It is getting festive in Terradale. Come visit the dock area and chat with friends. A fun backdrop for photos and filming.

The tree lot is back -- this time in the city. A great place for fun photo shoots.  Notice the clear skies?  If you are using the Firestorm (or other third party viewers) simply click on the city backdrop wall and derender (be sure not to blacklist also) to have the walls disappear temporarily.  Night will return when you relog.

Also in the city, some holiday props have been added to one of the apartments. Perfect for seated poses and filming.

The last of the winterizing -- for now anyway; I have set up the snowy surround (empty) for anyone that needs to rez a home or other large props.  Find it here.

Also ----

 Seamstress Shop

A new seamstress shop has opened on the edge of the residential district in Terradale.  Details abound.

midnight fishing

Not far away you can find a new fishing area on the Terradale docks.

Nature in the Fall. Turkeys can now be seen along the edges of the woods at Off the Grid.