Saturday, December 1, 2018

What's New December

Lots and lots of newness this month including some winter and holiday scenes.


It is getting festive in Terradale. Come visit the dock area and chat with friends. A fun backdrop for photos and filming.

The tree lot is back -- this time in the city. A great place for fun photo shoots.  Notice the clear skies?  If you are using the Firestorm (or other third party viewers) simply click on the city backdrop wall and derender (be sure not to blacklist also) to have the walls disappear temporarily.  Night will return when you relog.

Also in the city, some holiday props have been added to one of the apartments. Perfect for seated poses and filming.

The last of the winterizing -- for now anyway; I have set up the snowy surround (empty) for anyone that needs to rez a home or other large props.  Find it here.

Also ----

 Seamstress Shop

A new seamstress shop has opened on the edge of the residential district in Terradale.  Details abound.

midnight fishing

Not far away you can find a new fishing area on the Terradale docks.

Nature in the Fall. Turkeys can now be seen along the edges of the woods at Off the Grid.

Friday, November 2, 2018

What's New - November

Almost a whole year at LEA6. Amazing!

There has been a fair amount of literary interest for MOSP this month as well as some very pretty Flickr posts.  One in-depth blog article includes both information and photos.

It's nice to see MOSP being used and explored.

October was a little projects month with a collection of new things added and some refurbishing.  Fall themed and spooky season items mix into the ever-changing landscape with many additions down at ground level.

A cute new book hut let's the folks in Terradale relax and keep up on their reading.  The stool includes poses for photos and filming.

Fall cookies and warm beverages are now available at the information center. Yum!

what next FLF

Up in the Grunge City, there is a new Red Ale dispenser near the Foosball table.  It gives out beverage with plenty of special effects that can be filmed. Fun.

Give Me Ale

The tunnel in the city has been revamped with new textures and a shadow entrance.

Come explore and see what other touches have appeared since your last visit.

Monday, October 1, 2018

What's New - October

Two new pose props have been added to the city level; fun for photographers, fashionistas and of course machinima creators.

The row of dressing rooms now includes seating with some fun "waiting" poses. And there are plenty of choices for the gals (and guys) who just can't get enough fashion.

Find it here.

Across the street at the Photography shop, you can pose and shoot, choosing from a variety of poses for both model and photographer.

And arborist has visited the city and there are some gorgeous new trees adding to the ambiance.  These have exceptional LODs and can be filmed at a long distance.


Nothing says Fall like pumpkins and ripening sunflowers. They make a gorgeous backdrop for filming and photographs.

The most photogenic grouping is down at ground level here.