Sunday, April 26, 2015

Working with Actors

Escape To Tomorrow (working title)

I don't often film with other folks. Frequently the characters in my films are me in another form. Sometimes they are avatars of friends who plop their virtual selves down on a pose ball or a piece of furniture that I can control and go on with their day.

I have had experience directing with real folks though and the ideas are the same -- and coming in useful on a current project. So I thought I would share a few tips should you decide to do some filming with others.

As a director (most likely working without a production crew) it is your job to have everything ready for the actors. They are supposed to be the "talent" and while you as director ARE running the show, you certainly can't do it without the folks in front of the camera.  So ---

* Know what shots you want
* Set up the shots and decide on the camera angles before your actors arrive
* Get your lighting set
* Make sure all props are ready to go
* Know what your actors were wearing in previous contiguous scenes if that is relevant -- that continuity thing.
* Depending on your capturing software, you will not be able to type to your actors, so either voice chat, Skype or a group call might be needed. OR make sure your directions are clear before you turn off your interface.

The more you have done BEFORE folks arrive, the faster the shoot will go and the happier you all will be.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Find Your Shot

I was filming this morning. I had set up a scene within a new story video. I captured video, took still shots and generally had fun. I was trying to broaden my style a bit, looking for different angles.

It was great fun and I have a collection of shots to choose from.  Since I had such a good time, I thought some of you might too.

The spot is here.
Adjust your Windlight.
Find your Angel.
Take your shot.

Feel free to add the link to your photo (or film clip) to this post. Or you can add it to the Flickr group here

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Last Call for Camels

All good things ---

The archeology hut and camels will be retired soon to be replaced with some exceptionally nice ruins from the upcoming Fantasy Faire.  The ships of the desert have had a good run with many photos taken but it is time for something new.

If anyone is doing extended filming in this spot, please contact me (IMs go to email or comment on this page) and we can arrange something.

Just a heads up!