Monday, October 1, 2018

What's New - October

Two new pose props have been added to the city level; fun for photographers, fashionistas and of course machinima creators.

The row of dressing rooms now includes seating with some fun "waiting" poses. And there are plenty of choices for the gals (and guys) who just can't get enough fashion.

Find it here.

Across the street at the Photography shop, you can pose and shoot, choosing from a variety of poses for both model and photographer.

And arborist has visited the city and there are some gorgeous new trees adding to the ambiance.  These have exceptional LODs and can be filmed at a long distance.


Nothing says Fall like pumpkins and ripening sunflowers. They make a gorgeous backdrop for filming and photographs.

The most photogenic grouping is down at ground level here.

Monday, September 3, 2018

What's New - September

click for larger view

It's getting homey at the Road To Nowhere.  A women's work was never done -- that's for sure.

It's laundry day on the grassy plains.   A fun place to film or shoot, so come on by.

Other new decor items are scattered hither and yon and some new pose props will soon arrive up in the shopping center of the city level.

Come explore!

Monday, August 6, 2018

What's New August

urban studio

From last month's country scene to the city!

click for larger photo

A new shopping center is coming into being in the back lot area. Offices, shops, eateries and the like can be found over by the tunnel entrance to Terradale. Still in part a work in progress, there are many fun photo and filming areas and plenty to explore. Here is your taxi.

The city is growing in that urban sprawl kind of way with four new modern row houses in a complex. Some interiors are complete, some a work in progress. Find them here.

While the building and much of the decor was made by your curator, other's work is part of the environment.

Remember that you can always check the maker of an item by right clicking and inspecting.