Monday, August 31, 2015

Fame Fortune Consequences

It has been a year.

You can read that two ways of course, and in my case both are true. Lots of filming, a bit of producing, a little "acting" (well really we DO need to put that in quotes). I am smarter on many fronts and have learned  many things from working closely with other arty types.

I have two things wandering around in my head at the moment.

One concerns the "me" in Chic. Even when asked to create a director's chair with my name on it -- that became a consideration. Plain, flashy, colored, neutral? Big letters, small letters, fancy or plain?  Our choices tell much about who we are --- or at least who we perceive ourselves to be.

After some contemplation I took a middle ground approach. Handmade organic fabric, grunge letters of a darker tone and medium walnut wood polished in a well worn shine.  Letters not too big; my sense of self is sturdy - my ego not as enlarged as you might suspect.

That same quandary arose when deciding what to wear.  My wardrobe as well as props list is magical you know. Sooooo many things can come out of that small trunk or medium sized trailer.  I went with a typical look of today, a mix of classy, sexy and casual -- actually one of my favorite real life looks long ago -- silk and jeans. Scratch those super high hells in real life though. OUCH!

I finished a film for UWA. You may have seen it, may not have. I am very happy with it; very little I would change even at this later date. There is a but of course. I have another idea roaming around in my head. It is harder, it is complex and it is very likely going to be used by someone else. Do I work on that and see what happens or consider my part done in the UWA contest?  

New props that would fit into the story are appearing on my doorstep -- or close enough that a couple of click and a few lindens will have them joining the clutter in that props trailer. That leads me to believe that continuing is a good path to take.

Still thinking. We'll see.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Animation Hud and a Hint of a Future Project

Last week seems to be a blur -- at least in my memory. Lots done. Plenty more to do; I have been busy.

AND with all that was happening, I forgot to tell you about a new product especially handy for filming folks, an animation hud from Dutchie's.  I was reminded of my forgetful nature today when I realized it might come in very handy in an upcoming shoot.

Not it isn't "my" shoot, I am simply a participant. And hence, it is not my place to sneak out any info. But I will say it sounds like something you will ALL want to watch. And I bet that got your attention.

While I am a pretty free-flowing machinima maker -- that film and see what you have and let a mixture of muse and mystery define the film in the editing sort of gal -- THIS film is very much like a real life production.

We will all be gathering from separate corners of the world. Quite a few continents are covered for sure and I will be meeting some folks that I have "known" for awhile but never actually met. So that will be fun.

Meanwhile, just in case you have been lazy, this might get you inspired to get out and shoot some virtual celluloid. Here is the link to my fashion and design blog post .

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Best Layed Plans

Is that how you spell that?   I never really get it right.

ANYWAY.  If you dallied getting over to pick up the curved screen (see previous post) it is now either gone or remade and since it wasn't full perm, no longer available. If there is a story there I don't know it all.

BUT, I am sending the original screen (it is big so don't rez it inside a tiny house *wink*) out in group. A very pretty plant that I just finished is included in the box too. Those of you still in the group (and amazingly hardly anyone left), check those archives.

Sorry. Had no idea this would happen. :D  

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Curvy Stuff

I have always wanted to make a curved machinima screen. It isn't difficult, unless of course you don't build. Those of you that have other skills besides that hammer and nails thing can pick up this screen along with instructions at the Art Farm Coop on LEA28.
Look for this poster standing to the side of the screen. Click and receive info on how to watch the film, the screen and instructions for how to get the URL for the file you want to watch.

And of course there is a story behind all this.

I was wandering around looking at art and saw that the performance and machinima section at the Art Farm Coop was pretty much vacant and sadly so. Well we couldn't have that.

Since I had just finished my UWA film, I indeed had something new to share.

Yep, a short story.

Now the screen is designed to work with films up at The plus side of that of course is the absence of ads.  I have not found any way to actually get a film to stream without downloading first (hence the instructions in the poster as it is a bit tricky). But it plays beautifully and I do like that big curved expanse. It somehow puts you in the film a bit more. The notecard for getting the URL from SLartist is also in the box.

So if you want to try it out, just come over and pick up your copy.

Later note: this reported works for MACs when some do not. That's ALL I know *wink*.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I have been making a lot of tips and tutorials this year, mostly on Blender. I am guessing they are up to around 100 by now.  Along the way, my small fan base mentioned that they really appreciated workflow tips. Now everyone needs to find their own workflow and hopefully it keeps improving over time, but ...

As I was exiting filming mode for the day I took another screenshot of my settings for the just completed scenes. I have already edited the footage and placed much of it in the film in a VERY approximate spot, and I am hoping that I have all I need. But you really don't know  -- or "I" don't know anyway -- what idea might come along and you will need to produce the look.

I did this same thing when I was over filming at UWA last week and now I find it will come in handy as I indeed need some new shots of old favorites and it would be extra special goodness if the Windlights matched.

So that's my little mini tip. It is always good to keep your outfit in a folder too. Since I used what I was blogging, I already have a record (yep, lazy lazy gal!).

Sunday, August 2, 2015

What is YOUR Impossible - UWA machinima challenge

It's time for UWA's themed machinma challenge!

This season the theme is PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE.

Both 3D art and machinima are part of this event and as a filmmaker you can enter as many times as you like.

You have until the witching hour on All Hallows Eve -- so three months.

Now in some ways I have left you a little high and dry with my exit from LEA7; I do realize that and it weighed heavily on my decision to leave. But there are times when you really DO need to take care of yourself and this was one of those times.

When I closed that door I also gave up MY foremost building and filming area. And yes, it has been an adjustment. Happily I found a large lot with hefty land impact allowance and $1 per prim cost. A lovely waterfront house that doesn't count against my LI is a bonus. (My best RL friend has always contended that I have the BEST "land karma" and it seems to be holding true.)

I now have a fairly good sized building pad up in the sky where I can build my own sets.

Some suggestions for those that don't want out of pocket expenses while conforming to the official photo and machinima policy for post LEA7 filming include:

  • Filming on Linden Public Land
  • Filming on LEA sims (1-29   core sims and Aritist in Residence sims)
  • Building your own sets in the LEA5 sandbox (group tag needed for sets to stay longer term)
  • Think minimalist. Some of the best films made have all taken place on one set.  
  • And one I came up with before I found my new personal "sound stage" area -- build over on the beta grid mesh sandboxes. They are cleaned rarely :D and you can upload and build from your inventory (a new password gets your current inventory there in 24 hours). Take copies often and you should be fine. I may even do a bit of building there. Free is good. 
There are of course machinima friendly sims, some have been mentioned on this blog in the past.  And asking the land owner for permission sometimes works -- especially if you can send them to your previously made videos.

Be creative. Make great stuff.

I look forward to watching your films!