Saturday, August 31, 2013

Coffee Cart

Is this perfect or what?  Grab your favorite hot drink after working out at the gym. Bring your camera of course. Find it here.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Color Me Smiling

Need a smile in your life? This super cute hippie car is just the ticket. Find it at Beach Walk not far from the bright blue house. There is also a new boardwalk that leads to a peaceful dock where you can stare out into the endless ocean.  You can't drive this cutie, but you can pose prettily in the side seat or the back. And if you are a clever filmer you can use a pose ball and position it OVER the driver's seat. I have done that a time or two when it was called for.

There have been lots of changes in the Coastal Cottage and surroundings. Now my graphic is a bit misleading as I didn't actually remodel the house, what I did was redecorate. But you get the idea.

It is a very bright and colorful place these days. Orange and blue (complementary colors in the artist sense you know) predominate.

This will be a great place to get a dose of "sunshine" during the dreary gray months.

A new craft and art area is packed full of details. An artist table and painting are on the opposite wall along with quilting goodies. This homeowner like her creativity!

There is a teenager's room in the mix now. Posters and magazines abound and retro is in evidence.

The bed and chair are filled with many poses. Beware though, I resized the bed down as it was way too big for the room. So you will need to ADJUST any poses you choose as you will be floating in the air.

And that's the news from Beachwalk.

Friday, August 23, 2013

What's Happening in the City?

I've been working up in the full sim city this last week. There is now a diner on the corner of the strip mall (well, it's a pretty tiny strip mall, but pretend). It is a bit too neat at the moment for my realism tastes but I am sure other items will arrive in the future.

Decor includes retro cafe stools and a spectacular jukebox along with some UFO memorabilia.

This is supposed to represent a New Mexico diner. The decade? Well things don't change much in New Mexico so anything after the mid last century will work *wink*.

There is a small kitchen in a nook and a chalk menu board. All you need is your apron and you are set.

If you wander around up there you will find another new build. I have a plan. It will all be revealed in time :D.

Monday, August 19, 2013

City Lights

I have been working in the city over the weekend. Its growing as cities will. Today I received a lovely addition of a bridge fountain. Much less complex than my other projects, and OK, I really did want to see it -- it is now happily at home amidst flowers and tall skyscrapers.

There are plenty of poses and animations including ones for couples.

This is a beautiful spot for some romantic scenes, so get your camera and meet your next great love on the bridge.

Here's your taxi.

More details on this item will show up on my fashion and design blog in a few days. (That's for the feed folks).

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Family Reunion

July and August are big months for family reunions in the US. The relatives, they are a comin' -- to the park in SAGE that is. There are now two trailers in evidence along with picnic table (lots of animations), grill and plenty of eats. You can watch a movie when the sun hides for the day.

The trailer is roomy enough for easy filming.

Drawers open and the bottom bed comes with a variety of sleep animations.

The new merry-go-round has been moved to the Full Sim City park. Lots going on there and there will be more news with photos soon.

The high desert cabin in SNOW has a bit of a retro face lift with some new furnishings.

The magazine rack will let you change the magazines to fit your theme and that might just come in handy.

That's the news for the day.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Redneck Romance

Just a quick post to let you know there is now an unbelievably cute "old truck bed" in the barn. Great detailing and some superb animations make it a winner. And if you need an empty barn, just right click and derender (third party viewers). If you use the official viewer and need an empty barn, just holler *wink*.  It is here. Just put out, I am not sure if you can change textures but give it a try!

Later note:  A friend from Germany asked what a "redneck" was and I explained then went to wikipedia where the term was listed as derogatory. I grew up in "redneck country" and personally never thought of it as a bad term. I never actually thought of "gringo" as one either when I was traveling extensively in Mexico. It's all about perception and intent. So nothing offensive was meant in my title :D. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fantasy - Deep Blue Style

If you are new to MOSP and haven't journeyed back into older posts, you may not know that there is a whole mini underwater world below the lagoon by the lighthouse. I added a new mermaid pose prop today but scuba and skin-divers could also use it. The photo and filming ops are quite gorgeous and I plan to do a little filming there very soon while still in mer gear.

Find the underwater hideaway here.

Also as soon as I post this I'll be sending out another group gift. Something simple but hopefully reminiscent of MOSP. The FAME magazine build is complete now with lots of props to make it look official. And you guys get a tiny part of it.

So if you missed the group gift message, check those archives :D.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Muckin' About

The barn!  Maybe I should say, "I proudly present The Barn". Almost two weeks in the making, it is complete and about as close to what I wanted as I could expect. Actually, it is perfectly imperfect -- at least to me. There are materials for you folks in the official viewer. Shown here without as I am not willing to give up all my Firestorm perks in exchange.

Find it over by the horse and the hay (note to self check on update to the hay as it is getting antiquated) in Peaceful Valley. Wonderful shadows, it lends itself to picturesque and moody shots.

Not in this post, but ready for use is a new deco bedroom in Sound Stage 1. The vanity is filled with lots of girlie getting ready for the party animations.

Watch for a new group gift coming up soon

And that's the news for today.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's All in the Details

It is easy to show off the new builds at MOSP (LEA7), but the always occurring additions need a little press time now and then. They are often overlooked, and really they help make the locations as real as they can be. So here are just a few of the recently added details.

FARM ANIMALS - We now have a pig and a donkey and soon a calf. They don't move, but they definitely add a bit of ambiance to long distance shots.

There are rowboats along the water at ground-level's Beach Walk.

Rustic and picturesque against the sky, they offer many filming opportunities.

Click for larger photos.

Even food service has an upgrade at Sound Stage 1.

The detailing on this crock pot is phenomenal.

There is a new big build almost completed. The adding of materials (not a fast project as I adjusted many textures for a more realistic look) is all that is left.

So stay tuned for more news. Think country, Wild West, Antique -- OK. That's enough hints.

Come film!  MOSP>>

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Getting Greasy

I spent the afternoon making improvements to the City of Lost Souls -- particularly the storage area.  I had a grand time and those of you with Y chromosomes will likely be happy. Actually you don't need one to enjoy the smell of the gasoline and the gritty realism.

Some gorgeous new props with intricate details are the stars.

I rounded out with other goodness from one of the same designers. It is stunning -- if you can use that adjective accurately when describing the location and its purpose.

Drop by and take a quick tour. It is a fairly small area but packed full of photo ops and a few surprises.

My scanty outfit is because this photo shoot is doing double duty with my fashion and design blog. I left the dirt on for authenticity :D. 
And really -- what guy on break wouldn't be happy to find a scantily clad gal waiting for him with a beer and a cigarette.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Spying on SAGE

Even I can't keep up with all the newness at MOSP (LEA7), but here's a teaser look at what's been happening in the area called SAGE; it's a green thing.

Additions include a stunning new pond with water wheel and spray (quite realistic) and a PG cuddle blanket complete with picnic basket and champagne. It works just fine if you are a solo person *wink*.

There are many, many new items in the park with an outdoor movie theater; the projector is hooked to an old car battery -- very clever.

Turn your Windlight to night, get your "grip" to turn on their facelight for lighting and you could have a spectacular scene. The lounger has both single and couple animations.

The only movie playing is the MOSP trailer but you have my permission to include my scenes within your scenes should that be part of the storyline.

A tiny travel trailer now sits atop the gently rolling (and walkable) hills of the park.

The camp stools include lots of eating animations and deliver both food and utensils to your inventory.

I haven't really explored the inside area (tight shots only as it IS small) but there may be some activities built in there too.

This is a cutie and makes a lovely additional bit of scenery if you are using the picnic table -- not far away -- as your main focus.

Click any small photo for a larger version.

Last but not least is a merry-go-round with a big selection of fun animations. There are sizes for kids as well as us big folks.

Other bits of excitement include some rowboats on the coast, a pig and a donkey in Peaceful Valley and the first material textures in the sound stages (that set is currently unfinished).

So come on by and bring your camera.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

City Streets

It's been  a whirlwind week so you get some fashion blog shots mixed in with MOSP ones and of course some news.

I made myself a new shop for my retail store. It was impressive and certainly worth sharing with MOSP. I had always wanted to make a modeling studio of sorts -- not necessarily a place to take photos, but a place to film the glamor of city life, high fashion and all that jazz.

There were a few technical issues that ensued and in the end, there is a whole new street up at the full sim city build at MOSP. Here's the story.

FAME is a magazine. Well not a REAL one of course, only in my imagination. But all the props are there and soon there will be faux magazine covers to go in the empty alcoves *wink*. All things in their time. There is a fun modeling chair, a camera prop which I need to add a pose box for you to pick up if needed (done; click the tripod for a pose ball), and lots of stardom type decor items.

Along the way a whole street came into fruition. You see that "impressive shop" was built to be inside a 64 meter surround. The very complex windows work well there -- but in the open? Not so much. I was willing to upload new windows for long distance viewing but not at the land impact that was involved in said change. Oh my! There are things mesh does well and things it does not.

So making a visual barricade became my plan and with that a whole street emerged. Great for car scenes or strolling, it pulls it all together -- a good thing.

Across from FAME magazine there is the AEON advertising agency. Now neither of these operations exist; never did, never will. But I did have fun putting them together. The ad agency has some of my favorite photos as well as a couple of antique bits of memorabilia. The other shops I have faux decor courtesy of CG textures which give the appearance of occupation. Good enough for filming anyway.

So come take a look at the new street, get a little FAME on and enjoy.