Friday, June 27, 2014

The Future of SL

By now many of you know that Linden Lab has been working on a New World dubbed SL 2.0 by many of the populous. There are plenty of blog posts out there and three very long forum / blog threads to read through should you want to spend a day or two.

I have been keeping up as best I can on a personal level --  and also on a personal level, I started a new blog to keep track of the historical significance of the new platform.  That isn't public quite yet, but if you want to find it you will certainly be able to sometime in the near future.

What I did want to let you know about -- just in case you missed it,  is a video of Jessica Lyons of Firestorm speaking on the new platform. While some new information has come to light since its recording it is still a very worthwhile watch with some new to me at least info (and I have spent most of the last few days on forums).

Most of you -- at least the photographers and machinimatographers that visit these pages -- use third party viewers, many choosing Firestorm which currently has 70% of the viewer pie.  I do agree with Jessica and Saffia that SL 1.0 has a very long life ahead of it. And, as a long time Firestorm user I recently put "the viewer" for SL 2.0 at the top of my Deal Breaker List when writing to the forums. There are simply too many features I use everyday and at least FEEL that I cannot do without.

So if you are a fan of SL and of TPVs in particular, check out the 55 minute film from SL11B.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last Days to Apply AIRS

The {Lost} Garden Of Sundarya Lahari by Xineohp Guisse LEA13

The deadline for the AIRS is closely approaching. If you have a great idea you want to bring into the world, now is the time to fill out the grant form.

The deadline is June 30 for a grant which will begin on August 1.

More info here.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ancient Sands

Just up in SAND, a great prop for Windlight sky photography. 20 meters square you can see it from several sims away; a little more than we need, but hey.

I found this freebie on the marketplace this morning. Retextured it for a more authentic look and added materials. I couldn't bring myself to take down anything in SAND so I made a new adjoining area. Don't worry; you can't miss it.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Windlights for Materials

Hard to believe but it has been five years since I made all the "Places" Windlights that are now in many third party viewers. I had been thinking of putting up more settings -- especially ones that works well with materials (normal and specular maps).

Here are two that I use often. You can download them from Mediafire. Then add them to your "skies" folder of your favorite viewer. Use them as  a starting point to make your personal favorite atmospheres.  Moving the Est Ang slider will adjust shadows to fit in various sets within the sound stage. Use Gamma to lighten the scene as needed.

Cloudless when used in a white floored area also gives very dramatic "white room ala The Matrix"  look. It works well indoors also.  Sound Stage Shadows are for use in the Sound Stages (well natch).

MOSP - Cloudless
MOSP - Sound Stage Shadows

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekly Update

Where does the time go? Over a week without a new post. Oh my! So here are some quick shots from my archives to keep you updated a bit.

Then construction site is finished with partially made houses as well as pallets and cement and all kinds of worker accouterments.

There is a new ice cream cart in the city that dispenses frozen treat temp rez style.

Other additions include a retro phone in Cafe 51 and more furniture in the retro house. All additions this week were in the full sim city.

It's growing!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Construction Construction

There is plenty of newness over at MOSP (LEA7). I have been a busy builder and set designer. In progress, a construction site in the full sim city.

Also new in the full sim city, a neighborhood bar. Find it at the end of the strip mall. Lots of prop givers and drink choices. There are instructions posted on the wall.

Down on the beach there is a new fish cart along with a resting place for the hard working vendor.

Click the cart to pick up a very nice looking bag of fish and chips.

TAKE them quickly or they will disappear.

Then just wear as you would expect too.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Tons of Newness

New additions large and small pepper the landscape at LEA7. Here are just a few of the new items in evidence.

In the Full Sim City -

Lots of new additions in the cafe including napkin holders and other restaurant gear.

A new neon sign beckons travelers to stop awhile.

Across the quad a new food truck greets those coming from a hard workout at the gym.

The beer garden now has competition!

Oh my.

Detailing is superb.


A complete modern hot tub set.

On off bubbles, steam and sound it can accommodate up to four folks.

Couples (PG) and Single poses are available.

Over in the park a new romantic lounging area awaits.

Pillows and blanket can change as color compositions dictate.

Many new kitcheny details have been added to the Bayou Shack at groundlevel.

Also a new table and bench set and foodstuffs.

Looking good.

There is now a bedroom in the Villas. Dark satin sheets and walnut woods blend nicely with the European style.

Haven't visited MOSP? Pick up a hud and or landmarks at the landing point. Just type in LEA7 in the map; that will get you there.