Monday, July 29, 2013

Let's Get Cookin'


There is newness at Sound Stage 2!  A great industrialesce kitchen with some romantic touches thrown in awaits you. This prop can COOK!  Well make it look like YOU are cooking anyway.

Gal and guy activities are found via a menu; choose your sex and your passion for cooking. Actually it is a guessing game as the activites are marked only by number. But be brave; they are all fun.

You can mix and cut and decorate and more.

Each activity comes with  props that rez as well as hand held items to your inventory to complete the look.

This is great fun and very realistic looking -- a plus.

There is a menu for couples also with some kitchen cuddling thrown in for good measure (yep, pun intended).

You can swap positions as desired or needed and of course adjust the placement of each "sitting station".

And you of course get to take those props HOME with you -- a bonus.

Some come over and play at cooking. Bring your cameras of course.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lazy Summer

New for the lazy days of summer, a super cute fishing area with realistic fish, a fun sign and a nice casting and fishing animation. Suitable for gals and guys, find it by the bridge in Peaceful Valley.

And of course it gives you a very classy green fishing pole with fishing line and reel. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013


The Medieval Village got a makeover yesterday with the addition of a grist mill complete with water wheel and grain grinding stones (inside). There is even a cellar where you can watch the mill wheels grind.   The village and standing stones switched spots in SOIL due to technical issues and I finally took up all the extra (oh so lovely but SO laggy) grass around the standing stones so your framerates with shadows should be much better; mine certainly are.

Also new is an outdoor spa shower area in the South East corner ground level.

Tucked into a dip in the low hills not too far from the tractor, you will find a relaxing spot with both  singles and couples animations.

There are also some very pretty and colorful floating balls new in the Fantasy build, so check those out. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Two and half weeks in the making with materials and many custom textures I am VERY happy to announce that the Dark Gothic build is open. More furnishings will be added as I delve into my inventory. I am sure I have other things that will fit this spooky place.

Ground fog and brambles add an ominous atmosphere. Red velvet and candles are the main decor theme. Arched windows are church-like. Add your own cross to the front as needed. Coffins too. Don't forget you can derender MY props :D.  Perfect for Halloween, but be sure and stop by SOONER!  Find it here.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Additions Large and Small

New additions mid-month include items in the City of Lost Souls, my favorite being these rusty antique gas pumps.

They definitely add ambiance to the scene.

Also new is a drunken and passed out avatar. Now this guy is quiet and easily filmed. You won't need to pay him or even get his permission, but he looks really really real.

He may have some company as time goes by. Who knows?

My oriental beach house has been replaced. It was time. I made that years ago when I was teaching at LEARN AVATAR -- really years ago.

In its spot on the beachfront is a new seaside cottage which had enough of an oriental flare in my mind to make a gentle replacement. The furnishings are the same for the most part with a few new items scatted in.

The view is lovely.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Just up in Sound Stage 1 -- in the "Bachelor Pad" of course, a terrific on several levels gaming console that many of us would like to have -- except for the danger of perhaps never leaving.

Both animations (really nice ones) and static poses are included. Adjustments, natch.

I can think of SO many ways to use this in a film!

Find it here. And remember that there are now walls viewable from inside the sound stage sets.

I set it up so that you could either have a view of the room with decor items or a simple, minimalistic wall.

The keyboard and mouse are separate items so if needed you could derender the mouse that is there and wear your own for the animations.

Click either photo for a larger view. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Woman's World

Just wanted to share this great new prop.

Happily I don't remember these :D. A few of you might though *wink*.

This is a really lovely detailed piece of work and includes MATERIALS for those of you using a materials enabled viewer.

Find it on the deck of the Bayou house over by the swamp and the cattails in Peaceful Valley (ground level).

It's a BYOA party -- no animations are included.

Friday, July 5, 2013

It Must Be Summer

Not for everyone of course, but for some of us, it is outside in the shade time. Warm breezes, alfresco living and themes that fit with the lifestyle.

Many of this week's additions are aimed at the outdoors. This bench (one in SAGE and one in the new do-it-yourself photo gallery) comes packed full of great animations including one watering the plant.

And yes, you DO get a very pretty watering can out of clicking. Might come in handy. One never knows. There are texture change options which I believe will work for all.

Also in SAGE, this new gazebo with benches and fireplace.

Perfect for a romantic shot or a small party scene.

There is also a new gardening table with animations for two -- so you can garden with a friend. Find it by the cabin in SOIL.

A nautical cottage now sits on the edge of the water near the hills -- ground level.

Homey with some sea lover touches it has big windows and a large deck for outdoor vistas.

I noted today that the view is lovely as I was taking this shot. The LEA sandbox clears on Friday -- so mark your calendar if you love long clear skies.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Best of SL

Just up on the web and available in world, the July issue of Best of SL magazine which features a very nice article about MOSP starting on page 134. The photos are exceptionally nice -- all low saturated and dreamy -- so I of course am extremely pleased.

I really have to smile looking at this shot. It makes our "intimate" sound stage look very posh!  The art of photography -- ya gotta love what it can do.