City Lights - Full Sim

A full sim minimalistic city build with central park, two streets, corner shopping district and lots of VISTA has GROWN!

Many new buildings including a gym and an outdoor beer garden, a take me back to the 50s abode and several warehouse type buildings, it is now getting pretty darn full. 

Drive you car on the streets, fill one of the shops with props for your plot or wait for "Godot" at one of the transit stops.

City of Lost Souls

 A slice of a sad city, the 32 x 64 meters offers many filming opportunities. A homeless camp, a fenced container compound, storage area with exotics, bus shelter and a few surprises.

Buy a paint can prop for $0 and hop on the ohsoGREEN poseball (sorry, no mod) and you have an excellent scene with a stellar animation.

The street phone also contains a collection of poses with subtle animations.

And of course be sure and explore the buildings. Who knows what you might find there.

 The White City

Grayscale and arty, this minimalist city has a mood all its own. It is housed in a 64 x 64 circular surround which lets in sunlight.

High Corp Offices

The high rise corporate office melds a meeting place with filming stages. A TV anchor desk comes with photo change backdrop featuring mostly urban scenes. Need a specific texture for your shoot? Send me a full perm copy of your choice (3:2 to 4:2 will work best) and I will slip it into the backdrop for you. The anchor desk included four stools with different animations. There is room between the stools for you to add your own seating if you prefer. Stage lighting is more for effect than actual lighting. A movie camera will be available and a poseball for the camera person should they need to be in the scene.

click for larger photos

There are two seating areas plus a "by the bar cart" lounger. All furniture has high end animations, some with props included. The second seating area is more modern and less corporate -- think record label rather than lawyer's office. A variety of decor items (books, coffee, fruitball) add a lived in look. Feel free to add your own extras.

There is also conference table that seats six. Add your own props as needed with a 20 minute autoreturn. If that seems too short a time, see the "Tips" notecard on how to make longer shoots a breeze.

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