Thursday, October 18, 2012

In The News

Inara Pey wrote a beautiful and very complete article on MOSP in Living in a Modemworld.
I especially loved the captions!

Benicia Beck added her video to the list of those made at MOSP.  The Visitor -- a spooky seasonal tale joins Glasz DeCuir's The Sun.

Sound Stages 3 and 4, while not complete are well underway and ready for visitors.  The Shadowlands White Maze (turn your shadows on if you can) is waiting for you up at 3700 meters. Find your way to these new locations using the new MOSP HUD offered on arrival at the welcome area. 

Visitations have been plentiful and ongoing with both photographers and explorers enjoying the environments. At least one person found all or most all of the 50 gifts scattered around the sim.

As we near week seven it is quieter now, a perfect time to COME FILM!

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