Saturday, September 14, 2013

Animated Trees

MOSP has been in late summer mode for a year now but will be changing with the seasons. There is still one area with green trees by the water but Autumn has arrived at ground level. Pampas grasses have been cut back (THAT took awhile - whew!) and there is a nip in the air for sure.

Both Peaceful Valley and the SNOW area have new animated trees. SAGE will join them soon as --- drumroll here --- not only do these lovely trees move gently in the breeze, they are super low prim (like 1) and -- AND much easier on the server. Hard to beat that. Framerates are definitely up and reality is getting a bit closer. The tree pack came with green, golden and winter trees so all seasons are covered.

There won't be snow in the valley this winter (there is the snow area for that and hopefully some fun new seasonal additions) but the trees will eventually lose their leaves. SAGE will always been in glorious green mode, so no worries.

Other newness include some upgrades in the Bayou Shack furnishing. Photo additions to the gallery will be on hold for awhile as it is against the TOS for me to upload them. Meanwhile you can always add your own photos to the open gallery nearby.

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