Saturday, March 8, 2014

What's New for March

Tons of new additions have been added since I last updated (bad girl; busy girl).  Let's look at the full sim city where many new items ended up.

This is an outdoor beer garden which you can find along the more industrial side of the perimeter.

Just added this morning, a really lovely building now sits next to the brownstone shops, giving a longer view for street shots.

It is empty at the moment but I am sure it will find furnishings as time goes on.

The patio in the brick house next to the gym - what I think of as my home away from home (my building pad is actually where I am most often) now hosts a lovely outdoor set, great for romantic chats.

The bathroom in that same house has lots and lots of new accessories giving it a more lived in feel. So check that out sometime.

The bayou shack has some new additions including this clothesline. SO VERY HAPPY to have that. Wanted one for a long while.

Especially for machinima folks where "Action!" is the key word, there is a new prop giving prop (meaning you get one of your own!) garage broom  -- at least that's what they call them where i live.

The broom giver offers a choice of sizes so it is likely things will fit.

Other items are appearing hither and yon so be on the lookout.

We are getting close to that nasty prim limit again so I will be rethinking what can stay and what should go. If you have any favorite places you DON'T want to see disappear, let me know. The golden dungeon and surrounding caves are safe already by request. The sound stages are of course staying as is everything on the main hud.

Some new arrivals may replace older builds and save some land impact points. We want all we can pack into the sim!

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