Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Feeling My Oats and Newness

This is just such a cute photo I thought I would add it to the MOSP pages. That is an avatar foal, not a prop *wink* so don't expect to find her waiting for your photos and filming.

There are new additions.

In SOIL:  

A new tent and table setting in the slighting spooky vein join other caravan props in the gypsy area.

I have been looking for new mesh with materials wagons but so far no luck. This is a popular spot and this new tent adds some variety.

Some great new food props were added to the serving area inside the grist mill.

These are great for close up shots as they have wonderful textures and materials if you have a system that can see them.


A rustic porch swing has been placed at the back of the two story open plan home. Both singles and couples animations are part of the mix. Pillows might change colors for you (alas, I didn't test that).  

There is also a colorful milkshake machine in Sound Stage One that dispenses calorie free props. Perfect for workers on the set.

Other upgrades have hopefully arrived in a seamless manner. You might not even notice :D.  

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