Monday, June 2, 2014

Tons of Newness

New additions large and small pepper the landscape at LEA7. Here are just a few of the new items in evidence.

In the Full Sim City -

Lots of new additions in the cafe including napkin holders and other restaurant gear.

A new neon sign beckons travelers to stop awhile.

Across the quad a new food truck greets those coming from a hard workout at the gym.

The beer garden now has competition!

Oh my.

Detailing is superb.


A complete modern hot tub set.

On off bubbles, steam and sound it can accommodate up to four folks.

Couples (PG) and Single poses are available.

Over in the park a new romantic lounging area awaits.

Pillows and blanket can change as color compositions dictate.

Many new kitcheny details have been added to the Bayou Shack at groundlevel.

Also a new table and bench set and foodstuffs.

Looking good.

There is now a bedroom in the Villas. Dark satin sheets and walnut woods blend nicely with the European style.

Haven't visited MOSP? Pick up a hud and or landmarks at the landing point. Just type in LEA7 in the map; that will get you there.

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