Sound Stages

Sound Stage One consists of four newly updated sets as well as working environment areas that can act as backdrops for various needs.  Designed to emulate an actual studio setting, it is a bit less cluttered. There's that prim thing!

Cast and Crew Areas

Young At Heart Bedroom

Industrial Desk Set

Bachelor Pad


Designer's Studio

Timeless Office

Basement Band



  1. Very Cool! I can see an idea for a film of a husband and wife arguing in several of the rooms and than ending the film with them making up in the bedroom ;)

    The possiblilities are endless, thanks for making these stages.

  2. Hi,
    I am a filmmaker and I am really excited to use your project. The sets look amazing but I am having hard time figuring out how to move objects and use them , like I want my character to sleep on the bed and talk to another character. Are there any tutorials available for this? please let me know ,
    thank you

  3. You should be able to sleep on the bed and pick from a variety of poses simply by clicking on the bed and choosing "sit" or "rest" or something similar from the menu choice. You cannot MOVE objects unless you rez your own (which you can do and they will stay for 20 minutes). You can't move another person's objects unless you have special permission from them (not given lightly).

    It sounds to me like you are new to Second Life. If that is the case you might want to take in some classes on general getting around. Look up New Citizens Incorporated in Search or check the destination guide for Newbie friendly help areas and classes.

    MOSP may be disappearing in the next week. I have applied to extend the grant but have no way of knowing if that will be approved. So come back and visit while you can. You are very welcome.

    If you want to actually record speaking you would need to have voice activated. Again there are classes around. Not as many as there were years ago but still some. Have fun learning!

  4. I went to the sound stages but could not find the Contempo Kitchen that I wanted to use. Is it still around and in use?

  5. Ah, sorry. Yes the contempo kitchen has gone to make way for something new. I need to update this page and will put that on my list. There IS a kitchen in the Rainy Day Skybox and there is a kitchen (restaurant style) in Cafe 51 in the Full Sim City. There is also an interactive cooking area in one of the Sound Stages (mabye 2?). Right now there aren't too many kitchens around. It is always changing. Hope one of the others will work for you. I will keep kitchen stuff in mind as I decorate some of the new areas :D. There MUST be someplace in the Villa that can use a kitchen!