Friday, September 7, 2012

Onward - Sound Stage One

Yesterday was move in day. It took a little trickery and some help from my friends to get the region changed to "M". I mean really lots of machinima would never make it in a "G" rated world. Even the outfits I sometimes wear (not often; I am usually in jeans of some sort) wouldn't past muster.

Last night I couldn't help myself and installed a few environments down at ground level. Right now it is pretty pastoral with sheep and garden sheds and the like, but there will be more modern builds appearing in the future. I am thinking of the north half of the sim as Peaceful Valley (insert smile here). Most of us could use a little peacefulness in our lives.

So this morning (4 am to be exact) I needed a change and started on Sound Stage One. Originally I had envisioned a group of vignettes for filming, different rooms that could be melded into a various storylines. This morning after bath time (sometimes my most productive idea hour) I decided that the sound stages should really look like sound stages. So with that in mind I went to work.

If we had unlimited prims  (in our wildest dreams) we could do so much. So far all is well and I have some plans for a large minimalist area so that will balance out the detailed sets. I finished an office today and of course setting up the sound stages.

The High Rise Corp is complete and you can find it here.  I will be adding a box with a free poseball  for the camera person. It's on my list. The list is long. Much to do.

And there is plenty to see at ground level. Just don't think it is complete. This IS day two after all.

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