Thursday, September 13, 2012

Working Hard

I have been working about ten hours a day at MOSP. Add in the blogging and conversations on pre-production machinima, I have been a busy gal. Two major builds to complete and I am ready for the grand opening October 1. That is also the beginning of the MOSP Explorer Hunt, so add making gifts to that list of accomplishments.

There are green dots scattering the map and that makes me happy. I thought I would put together a little getaway place down by the water. Terrifically cute with artist's bench and a colorful computer desk (with exhausted pose which I slip into when AFK), it only took a couple of hours for someone to discover me. Well I SHOULD have known that *wink*. So I will still visit but probably won't do a bunch of outfit changing there :D.

There has been some press on MOSP. Virtual Outworlding did a comprehensive post and I do appreciate the time and effort expended. I know it takes both.  I was also invited to do a TV interview on the hunt, but there was a time conflict. Very nice to have been asked.

Tired but happy I am catching up on the blog and Flickr and announcements and such. I still have half my prims in the coffers. But with five and a half months left, I am betting all but the rezzing reserves will be used. I just have to make sure and not run out of sky!

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