Thursday, April 10, 2014

Changing Lives

We each
have a tale to tell. We might not be aware of that.

Heartbreak, longing, disappointment -- joy; all are obvious.
But what of the quiet moments in life?

A gentle touch, a warm embrace, a child's first steps; they are all part of our story.

Great shots, beautiful windlight settings and amazing locales can only take us so far.

There are newcomers in the machinima world. An ever-changing roll of directors venturing into the spotlight. They wonder about capturing software and how to get those pesky pans to stop their jerky dance. Most haven't thought about locales, actors or publishing parameters. They are intent on learning, and most feel that the basics need to be conquered before they move on to the details.

But let's back up a minute.

Some journey into machinima for the beauty of the shots, some to share their music, some simply because they love gazing at their avatar bodies. They join the community of makers with dreams of fame, but would likely be happy with a simple thumbs up now and again. These promising producers take their first steps sometimes tenuously, often with abandon. Either way a cardinal rule is sometimes overlooked as they strive to master the craft.

As an artist, FIRST you need something to say.

It is a teeter-totter; message versus skills. One without the other breaks the flow of the viewer's experience. So for the new kids on the block -- and as a reminder to those of us who have put in hundreds of hours -- don't forget the story. It doesn't need to be a three act play. It can be as simple as the feeling of sunlight on your face after a long winter of rain.

Share it; offering part of yourself. Even if wrapped in wispy poetry, be brave. You can touch others; you can change lives.

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