Thursday, April 17, 2014

Have You Been There?

Just up  a couple of minutes ago, the current version of the LEA7 trailer.

Now this photo doesn't appear in the 2:30 overview. Honestly I had plans to show ALL the places you can film and photograph. I even took most of the shots.

In the end brevity appeared a better plan. For you old timers, see if you recognize everything. There are couple of new this last couple of weeks areas that I haven't told you about yet. One is getting some finishing touches today.

Of course nothing is ever really finished at MOSP; that is the nature of the exercise.

You can find the video here:

And while you are there -- if you are a romantic at heart -- you might want scroll back one icon to watch my latest film. Grab a hanky though; I needed quite a few while editing *wink*.   Depth of Field is the real star but "Max" does a good job as the lead.  

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