Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cutaway Shots

When I was in real life film school (OK, not a big name one but still it counts) we had various professionals give talks on areas of filmmaking. One talk involved the cutaway shot.

From Wikipedia:

In film and video, a cutaway shot is the interruption of a continuously filmed action by inserting a view of something else. It is usually, although not always, followed by a cut back to the first shot, when the cutaway avoids a jump cut. The cutaway shot does not necessarily contribute any dramatic content of its own, but is used to help the editor assemble a longer sequence. For this reason, editors choose cutaway shots related to the main action, such as another action or object in the same location.For example, if the main shot is of a man walking down an alley, possible cutaways may include a shot of a cat on a nearby dumpster or a shot of a person watching from a window overhead.

I love details. No, let's rephrase that, "I LOOOOVE DETAILS".

I have been scouring the aftersale fleamarkets in search of the best I can find for MOSP. They are scattered around of course. Check out the bar in the full sim city. ( I know a lot of you have been visiting as you did NOT bus your tables.)

Especially if you are telling a story, cutaways can add lots of interest to your visual dialogue. Cam in close, take the shot. It can easily be a photo in many cases.

Just don't forget the details.

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