Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Wrap Up

Just a few more days to find the Explorer Hunt boxes. They will be taken up as we move into October. 

The Valley has happily made its way into Fall. There is a new build in progress up in SNOW (the tree lot will be up there this holiday season) with additions as the world turns cold for many of us and we think in tones of white.

The city will be changing a bit. I am not sure just HOW at the moment, but that big expanse of flat green is not very exciting -- even to minimalist me. There are some new streetlights scattered around; very photogenic.  Fall - Winter will be coming to the city this year, most likely a little harder edged than the warm and cuddly textures down on the ground.

So stay tuned. You will be apprised as the pattern unfolds -- whatever it may turn out to be :D.


Don't forget that you only have a month now to get your University of Western Australia Challenge video in. And only a couple of days if you want to take part in the Sci Fi Challenge.

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