Sunday, November 30, 2014


December is a busy month for me with three or more (oh my) fashion posts going up each day plus other blogging. That doesn't mean I have forgotten about MOSP, just that you are going to get recycled "fashion blog" photos with your run down of what's new :D.

Top photo: lots of new additions to the retro house in the full sim city.

New bedroom furnishing in the steampunk skybox.  I have my eye on some soon to be released items to accompany these period pieces, so some revamping there soon.

This really gorgeous fountain is now in SAGE; find a rustic bench not far away.

Other additions include a very pretty back in time vanity in the Spring Romance Villa (off the bedroom with the black satin sheeted bed) as well as decor additions in the sound stages. And the Medieval market got an additions with more vendor stalls.

Oh and don't miss the super cute miniature village at the landing point. Great for close ups.

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