Monday, December 1, 2014

Presents at MOSP

Heads up my little groupies -- it's present time.

I hadn't PLANNED this you understand. I was not slaving away for a month making you new holiday items (like when would I have the time?).

But, I came across a very nice gift giver script set up, had some pretty boxes already set out and thought, "why not?". 

I went though my inventory and found some holiday goodies plus a few other things. A few are past hunt gifts, some are older store goods and some I actually still sell. Don't get terribly excited, nothing is state of the art. But still, fun. There are no bad gifts, but I had to mark one "naughty" for the script to work. So I chose something black which seemed appropriate.

I made this a group activity, mostly because I wanted to thank you all for actually joining the group. It isn't like much goes on -- so I consider it a "supportive" declaration and it is appreciated.

There are twelve different gifts and you can come by once a day and give the present boxes a try. Just touch with your tag on. The boxes will be there until the first of the year.

And be sure and grab some holiday hot chocolate; very cute and festive.


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