Sunday, December 14, 2014

Why Do We Film?

Actually the bigger question is "why do we make art"?  Whether paper, canvas, clay, film or even prims it is often because we have something to say.

I can remember when I was learning to paint; my ideas were way beyond my skill level. Eventually with time and patience my abilities caught up with my visions and I could translate my epiphanies onto paper.  Many years ago I went digital, giving up pigments for bits and bytes. The process is much the same and the raw materials use far less.

It is about half an hour before the UWA awards ceremony. I left myself at the auditorium through the night thinking that if I didn't wake up I could at least capture chat. Lots of course happens in the night when you leave yourself on -- I remember that from the camping days of my youth. So several messages and a ton of new releases were in inbox and inventory as I yawned and blinked my way back to the keys.

We are here to give some gold stars to folks who took the time to impart their ideas, to print them on indelible digital film for posterity. There is skill involved of course. Smooth cams and beautiful Windlight settings help impart the stories.

Still, without something to say ......

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