Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day One LEA7

Today was an adventure, my first experience with the terrain "editor". After some trial and error (the only hint the official wiki gave me was to experiment) I did get a good looking landscape. Now sand isn't on the shore where it should be, but hey -- not all shore is sandy.  The newest addition to MOSP is this great three story tree house from Trompe Loeil. Lovely details it will be fun to decorate; that's on my agenda for tomorrow. Some second looks (those wayward prims do show up) and more landscaping along with some new additions to older builds now in place will make up the rest of my todo list.

Lots of new trees and bushes enhance the summer landscape.They are delicate and give a softer look to Peaceful Valley.

Making mountains -- even virtual ones -- is hard work. Happily it is coming together nicely; enough familiar builds to have continuity -- enough newness to add a bit of excitement.

I only lost one coalesced item in the move, so far anyway. Not too bad. It may show up somewhere or it may be gone but making room for the new is often the best plan.

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