Thursday, March 28, 2013

Newness as March Ends

Lots of additions to MOSP, large to small with each adding ambiance. Here's the rundown of some highlights and a few photos along the way.

There's a great new outdoor shower courtesy of Cheeky Pea. Wonderful animations are included for singles and couples. Find it outside of the Newport Beach House at Beach Walk.

Remember to keep your swimsuits on boys and girls!

Many new decor items were added to the white garden gazebo in Peaceful Valley  and a lovely sculpture to the Gallery entrance.

A new very impressive classical statue has been added to the rose garden in SAGE.

Filling the last quadrant in SOIL, some vintage Steampunk. Wonderful interiors to film and impressive detailing even though this is an old build.

Fly on up to the observation platform if you dare and see the varied landscape.

I will probably add some chairs up there soon so you can relax in the clouds while you work on processing.

Happily there are now screens in the machinima building. Thanks to LaPiscean Liberty they sport a beautiful and sleek interface.

While there aren't too many films connected at the moment, it is great to see how this will work. There will be three screens in all with huds that let you peruse in the genres -- UWA, LEA and MOMAC.   And if you don't know what those stand for -- well some SL machinima homework might be on your list.

Soon you will be able to pick up your personal huds and watch the new releases in the comfort of your cozy home or office. 

Other additions include new furniture in the Newport Beach house, updating the Classes and Gallery parts of the kiosk so they now give notecards -- and most likely other things I have forgotten.

I had planned to post this on Monday, but it is getting long -- so "Publish" key, I am hitting you now.

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