Monday, March 18, 2013

Day Two LEA7

Day Two saw the completion of the ground level with another new addition, a garden greenhouse set for tea.

The database fairy saw fit to return some missing items. Some things from a very long time ago ended up in my top level directory. It was fun to revisit older items and the new pond now has a relaxing dock.

I was very happy to see my rose garden show up! The new garden room in the background is a cheery place.

Some of the LEA20 builds are in residence of course. The Bayou Shack is one of my favorites. I lived in it for six month out on -- appropriately -- the bayou.

The schoolhouse has been retired as well as the Victorian cottage.

Sound Stage One and Two are open in their new and impressive quarters, see the updated "Sound Stages" page for links.

The classroom is also complete and ready for eager students. Photos and info on the classroom page.

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