Wednesday, April 24, 2013

City, Rocks and Raspberries

I am happy to announce that Lost Souls City (well I couldn't keep calling it "grungy city", it needed a name) is open for visitors. It was both a pleasure and a challenging build. Less choices of quality items in the genre had me back in Blenderville making what I needed. Happily some stellar additions came my way toward the end. For the three of you that read my fashion blog, you know the story *wink*.

It is a moody place filled with darkness, despair and a few surprises.

I did a little shopping at the Fantasy Faire and Peaceful Valley now has a raspberry farm complete with tractor.

Digging in the dirt is one of my favorite pastimes. Find the field not far from the pond and little white greenhouse with raised bed garden.

Bring your hoe and shovel; there's always work to be done on a farm.


Need a serene and beautiful backdrop? This new outside sim rocky crescent might fit the bill. Find it across from the oriental house at Beach Walk.

As a technical side note, the new Firestorm viewer now has a CHOICE of derendering powers. Use derender to make objects disappear until your next visit or derender + blacklist to have them gone for good. This is very handy to get rid of some of the large builds over in the LEA5 sandbox. I used it today and had beautiful clear skies.

There are two more builds in the works plus lots of small additions that I'll let you find on your own. So keep tuned for the latest news.

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