Sunday, April 21, 2013

Getting Arty

It's been a busy week with lots of additions at MOSP. Here's a rundown -- in brief.

Grayscale is at least part of the theme with the first non-hud area up. Find the poster in the NEW building (click that NEW button on your hud) or simply tp HERE to walk in a mysterious monochromatic world. This is actually my entry into the UWA art contest but it is also a wonderful place to film and take photos. I have been doing both for some time now and can vouch for the dramatic contrasts. If you have shadows, the possibilities are endless.

Walk NORTH  through the walls to find other "white room" sets; I'll be adding to these but you can take a sneak peak now.

Lots of decor pieces have joined the MOSP environs -- all outdoors. It is Spring for many of us after all.

They are mostly sprinkled around Beach Walk and Peaceful Valley but one of my favorite detail item is this bird headed croquette set. Discover it next to the new pergola in SAGE.

The new set also includes lawn darts and horseshoes as well as seating with a huge variety of animations  -- many with props.

I have also added a variety of pose props which can be used for both still photos and filming. Find them in one of the empty rooms up by the Gallery.

There is plenty of newness in progress, but some projects take time.

Coming soon a city replacement for the one the database fairy consumed (hungry little devil). This new model is completely different than previous versions. It includes dark and grungy streets and alleys with lots of props.

It's been fun putting it together and I am hoping to have it complete for next week's report.

Meanwhile take some photos for the Flickr stream *wink*; there are gallery rooms waiting for your goodness.

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