Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Newness

A new barn appeared in SOIL this week along with fencing and other outdoor additions.

A set of porch furniture was added to the Newport Beach House (gray) at Beach Walk. It includes some really fun animations with props to let you play.

Also in the news is an updated and expanded video for MOSP. If you wonder what areas you might have missed, this will give you a clue.
SEE IT HERE at YouTube.

While general framerates are getting much better with the new server codes, shadows have taken a major hit it seems. Since I love shadows -- and for those of you who film with shadows, I went out on a killing spree. Complex scripts in some of the plantlife are no more and I found some laggy koi that had somehow found a home UNDER the ground (oh my). SAGE is now in the 19fps with shadows -- for me anyway -- so much, much better.

The ruins in SOIL can still be laggy with shadows. It is the lovely grass peaking around and about the lava. It is so beautiful I can't bare to take it up, but if you are filming there and having issues, give me a shout and I'll scoop it up temporarily for you.

The last quadrant in SAND is now full --  be it in a minimalistic manner. Slightly disturbing, the empty landscape is open to your interpretations.The bunny has on off music when clicked. The pram has an excellent grieving animation.

Other additions are updates and newness in Sound Stage 1 including a stereo with click to move the turntable and arm and to open and close the cover. Some possibilities there.

There are other surprises underway so stay tuned or just stop by and poke around! 

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