Monday, July 29, 2013

Let's Get Cookin'


There is newness at Sound Stage 2!  A great industrialesce kitchen with some romantic touches thrown in awaits you. This prop can COOK!  Well make it look like YOU are cooking anyway.

Gal and guy activities are found via a menu; choose your sex and your passion for cooking. Actually it is a guessing game as the activites are marked only by number. But be brave; they are all fun.

You can mix and cut and decorate and more.

Each activity comes with  props that rez as well as hand held items to your inventory to complete the look.

This is great fun and very realistic looking -- a plus.

There is a menu for couples also with some kitchen cuddling thrown in for good measure (yep, pun intended).

You can swap positions as desired or needed and of course adjust the placement of each "sitting station".

And you of course get to take those props HOME with you -- a bonus.

Some come over and play at cooking. Bring your cameras of course.

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