Friday, July 12, 2013

Additions Large and Small

New additions mid-month include items in the City of Lost Souls, my favorite being these rusty antique gas pumps.

They definitely add ambiance to the scene.

Also new is a drunken and passed out avatar. Now this guy is quiet and easily filmed. You won't need to pay him or even get his permission, but he looks really really real.

He may have some company as time goes by. Who knows?

My oriental beach house has been replaced. It was time. I made that years ago when I was teaching at LEARN AVATAR -- really years ago.

In its spot on the beachfront is a new seaside cottage which had enough of an oriental flare in my mind to make a gentle replacement. The furnishings are the same for the most part with a few new items scatted in.

The view is lovely.

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