Friday, July 5, 2013

It Must Be Summer

Not for everyone of course, but for some of us, it is outside in the shade time. Warm breezes, alfresco living and themes that fit with the lifestyle.

Many of this week's additions are aimed at the outdoors. This bench (one in SAGE and one in the new do-it-yourself photo gallery) comes packed full of great animations including one watering the plant.

And yes, you DO get a very pretty watering can out of clicking. Might come in handy. One never knows. There are texture change options which I believe will work for all.

Also in SAGE, this new gazebo with benches and fireplace.

Perfect for a romantic shot or a small party scene.

There is also a new gardening table with animations for two -- so you can garden with a friend. Find it by the cabin in SOIL.

A nautical cottage now sits on the edge of the water near the hills -- ground level.

Homey with some sea lover touches it has big windows and a large deck for outdoor vistas.

I noted today that the view is lovely as I was taking this shot. The LEA sandbox clears on Friday -- so mark your calendar if you love long clear skies.

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