Friday, February 6, 2015

Beds and Desks and Changes

Find this finely detailed new desk set up in Sound Stage 1

MOSP is almost two and a half years old now, with two at LEA7; that's a very long time in the virtual world. 

With who knows how many areas available for filming and photographs (I gave up counting at 50) it is sometimes difficult to know or remember where things are. Take a full sim and multiply by six and you get the idea.

I was reminded of this when someone came to me with a project and  short shot list. Indeed most of the the action could be filmed at MOSP in areas already made --- he just needed to know where they were.

So, should you be in that same puzzled mode, feel free to IM me inworld. IMs go to email and I can respond fairly quickly most times even if I am in Blender or over in OpenSim. Catch me in an all consuming creative mode and it will take awhile longer.

To make way for newness, older builds are being taken down. Even using smartly made mesh, those prims are finite and I always leave 500 for you guys to rez.  In the case of the photo above, the art deco bedroom disappeared. If you are in real need to complete a project with an older set, let me know. Hopefully I still have it in coalesced form and could rez it for you temporarily.

There are still several bedrooms at LEA7 -- a black satin sheets one in Cherry Blossom Romance, a rustic manly version in the Industrial Loft, a kids bedroom in Sound Stage 1 to name a few.

Remember that the sim is rated moderate so keep some clothes on. And a capturing tip -- some of the steamiest scenes in history were filmed with completely clothed actors.

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