Thursday, February 12, 2015

Limited Engagements

Since land impact points are a finite entity in Second Life and LEA7 is packed full of so much, I have decided to institute a Limited Engagement factor.

We all like newness but at the same time the backbones of MOSP are in place. Throwing away the old favorites (and still very filmable) sets JUST because there is a new flavor of the month doesn't make much sense to me.

So a compromise; new things for a few weeks at a time.  First up -- a surfer bar. Dig out some Beach Boys music, put on your best Beach Blanket Bingo attire and get in the mood. I grew up in surfer country so this was a fun set to design.

Bring your own beer -- or heck, bring a cooler and some friends.

Find it right across from the lighthouse at ground level. The setup is designed to be filmed from this direction but there are areas on both sides that could become shops or bars or whatever you need.  Remember "restore to last position" will let you replace your props as needed with little effort.

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