Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hammering Away

OK. Let's be honest; I am just being hammy here with my hammer. BUT there is a story. I have been uploading my OpenSim Pied de Terre brownstone to SL. This is the first building I have ever ported in the SL direction -- mostly because physics can be a pain. But miraculously I got both doorway and stairs on the first try.  Yep surprised.

As I moved from the beta grid to my building pad I noted that I was a tad overdressed to be hammering, and that made me smile. Smiling is good, so I am sharing. The build will be up later today in the full sim city.  I have some stunning interior pieces to add, but it will be mostly facade for awhile.  Happily it came in very low land impact. Yes, clapping at that.

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