Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Everyone Has a Story

New in the full sim city

A budding machinimatographer mentioned the other day that while he could most likely learn the filming and editing part of the craft, he was unsure if he had the creative skills to tell the story.

While there are many kinds of machinimatography (event filming, documentaries, work for hire) that don't need an imagination to complete, I do believe that we EACH have at least one story to tell -- likely more than that.

It doesn't need to be lofty or arty or even that complicated. Here is an example that came to me as I placed this new industrial traileresce studio in the city.

I grew up in trailer parks. My dad's job was stable but transitory. We moved often, sometimes with just a few hours notice. 

That trailer park life was a strange one. People rolled in (sometimes literally as the homes were tiny then like 8 x 45 feet) and out and the landscape changed often even as we were standing still for awhile. 

One of my most vivid memories was the evening practice of a male neighbor. When I would come home from a date. He was always there outside watering the lawn. Yes, even at midnight. Truly odd.  

Was he protecting me? Was he spying on young and lustful kids?   Either way -- there is the beginning of a story there.    

Find a moment or a memory and go from there.

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