Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Windlight Videos

The last week has been spent making and remaking Windlight video tutorials.  The first is VERY basic and meant for first time users but the second and third might be of interest. These use the Firestorm Viewer but much of the information relates to other viewers.

Below that are a couple of my favorite Windlight settings that you can download and install in your skies folder (a little bit of techiness needed for that :D).  

*** Videos ***

First steps in understanding how to change your Windlight skies and see the world as YOU choose.
Working with Windlight - Making Your Own Skies

How to set both your viewer and your Windlight settings to show shadows. Info on ambient occlusion and shadow clarity.

Hard to believe but it has been six years since I made all the "Places" Windlights that are now in many third party viewers. I had been thinking of putting up more settings -- especially ones that works well with materials (normal and specular maps).

Here are two for a starting point.

MOSP - Cloudless
MOSP- Sound Stage Shadows

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