Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Windlight and Silhouettes

It is easy to forget about still shots.  Lost in the process of capturing the movement, perfect moments can get set aside.

This was taken at the end of an adventurous filming session involving new and untested tech -- not exactly an afterthought; there is a plan. One of course that can get set aside should a better idea emerge.

The original shot was missing grounding shadows to anchor the bike. The hill in the background claimed too much attention. If you have some photo editing skills you can fine tune your still frames adding extra effects in your video software should that be appropriate and wanted.

This isn't the final edit of course. Those shadows (and lack of their partners underfoot) aren't the least bit correct. But still, the idea is there. I can go back and see where shadows would actually be and adjust accordingly.

We often think that the actors "must" be lit to their best advantage. Facelights help accomplish this; rezzed lighting globes can do that job also. But sometimes, all you need is a good pose and some striking Windlight.

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