Monday, May 4, 2015

Crowd Scenes

Crowd scenes are tricky. Getting enough folks together, in costume, on time; setting marks etc.  I remember one real life shoot of a Halloween party in a diner. Not enough actors showed up so everyone moved over to be RIGHT in front of the camera. Later, with a costume change, they became the other side of the room. We are a tricky bunch, the architects of fantasy.

This is a test photo for an upcoming shoot. All the actors are bots, even "me".  Frame rate holding at 31 without shadows. There were five other bots active and not in this scene when I tested. They could be turned off of course for shooting in this direction.

What am I looking for in this test shot?

Placement:  The girl seating needs to move over a bit. The tree in the background needs to move to the left a tad.

Order of importance:  I want people to see the heroine first (beige short jacket), then the male in the middle-ground in black and then the bartender. It is important that the background characters don't distract too much. The only issue I see is that girl in the chair again who needs to turn a bit so that there is less hot pink collar showing. 

If the shot is long enough viewers should take in all the characters eventually; if shorter then they only need to have the impression of many people in a crowded club.

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