Thursday, May 7, 2015

Under the Microscope

It is difficult for most artists to critique their own work.

Too involved with the process and the time spent, slight flaws get swept under the rug -- whether from ego or expedience.  We can all improve our skills and there is something that can be built on or eliminated to make our work better; that's my point of view anyway.

Getting out a magnifying glass wasn't necessary in my case. A quick review of my films and my memories of making them tell the tale. When faced with four or five minutes of a story, weariness comes into play. Filler shots find there way into the tracks so that the film can be complete.

It happens fairly often. And yes, there is a better plan.

My current film in production is of the music video variety. The story is one of the songwriter, the footage follows the lyrics. Even though I have many shots in my head and files in the can, I have decided to build this film in sequence.

That isn't my norm, but I believe that in making that change AND paying attention -- I can leave out those empty filler shots. They can be replaced with quiet scenes that reflect the story.

So take a look at your work from a distanced perspective and see if you can discern the places that need improvement. Once you know what to fix, it is only a matter of attacking the problem from an alternate direction.

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