Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bookends Filmed at Cafe Society

As I was finishing up Bookends, I had to smile at myself.

I am sure that most folks will assume that I built the set at the Art Farm "for" Bookends. In actually the plot came after the set.

When I entered my bid for a quarter sim area for six weeks I promised to make a film using the set. I planned a very brief film. Then after a miss-start with a day's worth of shooting discarded, I found my rhythm. The short film turned longer, a wider theme came into play and I entered the result into the UWA contest.

As the shooting schedule progressed, I added criteria; I decided to film in each area of the set. In reaching for that goal, the film began to tell its own story. The vintage automobile took on a staring role,  becoming an anchor point throughout time.

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