Thursday, October 8, 2015

Filming - Overlays - Happy Accidents

I spent a few hours filming today over at Cafe Society. I have a lot (a LOT) of footage to sift through. In the middle of the shot list (well honestly there is NEVER a shot list for me except a vague plan in my head) a friend arrived in corporeal form and I needed to pause for a couple of hours.

In the real world of course we can't do that. I remember way too many times when shots were taken at sunset with fingers crossed. They almost always worked out.  Still, I did not want to lose my light so I left myself on, asked my actor to do the same and told him I would call him if and when he needed to move. I frequently ask friends to plunk themselves down on  pose balls and get on with their day.

As five o'clock rolled around I felt I had the story, it was time to call it a day, pack up and hope for the best. Sometimes I spend awhile shooting, sometimes I am done in five minutes. It all depends on my mood. For whatever reason I was in a "savoring" mood today and took my time. I hope it works out well.

Before I closed my viewer for the day  I took a screenshot with the windlight setting JUST in case I needed some additional footage.

And, a happy surprised greeted me as I closed down the SKY panel, a beautifully lit nighttime shot (the lead photo) with exactly the same placement as one I had taken a few minutes earlier. These can fade into one another using an overlay and transition. OR they could turn out to be useful somewhere else.

Whenever serendipity hands you a present it is wise to take advantage, nod and whisper "thank you".

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