Sunday, October 18, 2015

Judging Not Judgment

Less than two weeks before UWA closes for entries. I suspect there will be a slight flutter towards the end; it usually happens.

Simplistically it would seem easier to judge this year -- with fewer entries and all. But I am not so sure that is true.  Ghost Race is a bit of a wild card.  A bit like pitting apples and oranges against each other, it is difficult to judge how it will fit into the mix. The playing field isn't the least bit level. Will that have folks moving it down in the listing when they vote? Very difficult to say.

Tutsy's Death of Death entry was masterfully produced and edited. I am not sure that I "liked" it in the basic sense of that concept, but I certainly appreciated the skill it represents. I especially applauded his creativity in cleverly sidestepping  the  "made for the UWA ..." obligatory text. I was actually afraid that some people would not enter with that mandatory addition. And indeed, some may have chosen not to.

The gals across the ocean presented a masterful work this time out. Their films are always interesting and inventive but this one seemed -- well, "smoother" is the word that comes best to mind. It flowed in a very pleasing manner leading the viewer onward in the viewing journey.

Another film that caught my eye was the Wright Brothers film.  No shadows or fancy windlight, no frills at all really, but the cartoonesce depiction was filled with heart, told the story well in an entertaining manner and kept viewer interest  -- at least mine.

There are so many things to look at when judging a work. Concept, depiction, cinematography, editing --- it is indeed a long list. I haven't decided if I will send in my guesses this year. Some years, in my mind anyway, the choices are clear.

This year (so far anyway) not so much.

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