Thursday, January 28, 2016

MOSP Reopens

Now did I KNOW that when I posted this early morn?

Nope, I did not.

But I knew "something" was up. I was itchy. Even though something was calling me, I wasn't clear just what it was.  Here's the story in stream of consciousness form. Follow along. Stay alert now!

* * * * * * * * * * *

I spent the morning looking at land. When I started I wasn't looking for MOSP, I was looking for my shop. But after tubbing (I SO get a lot accomplished while daydreaming (and real dreaming) in those warm waters) I knew I was actually looking for MOSP. 

I had decided to look for a 4096 which supports 937 prims.  Now that is WAY less than a sim  -- well, duh!   At the same time I am a pretty clever gal when it comes to prim budgets. AND I know what places were the most popular at LEA MOSP simply because I kept running into people there.

After many hours  --- (a RL friend tells me I have the BEST "land karma" both in RL and in SL, but honestly I think it is just because I am tenacious; I really looked for four hours or more)  I finally found a slightly bigger parcel than I was searching for (when nets are empty best to make nets larger).

Bordering a road and on the other side of that -- a Linden beach, hill and waterway,   the parcel could be used for commercial (yes, believe it or not most folks think a free machinima studio is commercial *wink* ) and (this was a bonus) I have the ability to turn on rez.  

So, we are in business.   I terraformed and landscaped and got a couple of builds down on the sandy palmy beach and then worked on a city build. My plan is to make a lot (a LOT) of 64 meter skyboxes with various themes as well as some sound stages of old. A few old things will remain, personal favorites and hits with the masses; areas that I am not willing to give up. Other installations will be new.

I work pretty fast but I have a few things I need to build in Blender also, so I will keep you apprised. Some areas should be open by February 1st if I don't crash and burn before then.

Now I need to go spend those 1100 prims (well I will save "some" for you guys).

Who am I kidding. Long day. R and R time.



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