Thursday, January 28, 2016

Where Did That Month Go?

Chic waves madly letting you know she and her typist are both still fine. 

The days are somewhere between busy and frantic and then lassitude creeps in. Holding patterns come into play and decisions on directions become lost in the mist.

Well THAT was poetic *wink*.   

I HAVE been thinking. I just haven't found a road to start walking down yet.  That seems to be in the wind these days as I note many plans announced by others have stalled also. Odd how patterns percolate -- one person basing their ideas and plans on that of another. One stalls and momentum halts -- at least for awhile.

So what HAVE I been doing since no new video footage has been revealed (or even left in limbo on Drive F)?  

Mostly I have been working in Blender Cycles. After a year with that complex part of the program I am finally in sailing along territory and can pretty much make whatever I want in the houses and furniture category. Textures are now fun to build and sometimes breathtaking inworld. I am a happy creator. My collection of houses, decor and dare I say "props" is getting impressive and hopefully will be put to use in the not too distant future.

2015 left behind both memories and absences, UWA's active presence (no post on their blog since the awards) and of course MOSP's disappearance from the scene. But newness is around each corner in Second Life. One only needs to explore with an open heart.

Hopefully my muse will return soon.

PS.  I can't believe how many people stop by this blog even when I am not posting any great news or revelations. Thanks for caring.  

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