Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blogging from MOSP


Last week was spent remaking some items into mesh and retrieving prims from the dreaded "objects remaining" counter. With that accomplished I added some newness to the just rebuilt city  -- including a photo studio of sorts.

It is sparse and I plan on digging through my inventory or finding some new low prim chairs to add to the area, but even in its minimalist mode it useful. Check out the  fun curtain backdrop with poses (includes male and couples). The curtains are color change but I haven't tested to see it that works for everyone. They are currently gray against the walnut walls and that works well.  Other items were added in various spots, some with animations, some for added ambiance.

Folks are stopping by and that is good, but a surprising perk was finding how much "I" am using the resurrected MOSP. True, I hardly journeyed away from LEA MOSP those three years. There was always some place for a good photo right under my feet :D. It isn't really surprising this new version works well for me.

I would like to tell you that I am working on a film. I do have an idea but it needs time and energy from others and I am not sure if that will work out. Meanwhile, I am having fun taking photos and enjoying having locales that work for most posts.

Here are a couple of my favorite blogger shots from last week.

Apocalypse area. 

Sound Stage One Bedroom and Bath

So come on over and explore. Be sure and bring your camera. 

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