Thursday, February 18, 2016

Clearer Skies

One plus about living on mainland NEAR the water is that you can find yourself with clearer skies due to protected land -- otherwise known as maintenance :D.

I visited MOSP this morning as my building pad was in restart status. The skies and waters were unusually clear. I thought I had turned my draw distance down for a photo, but no, it was at 382 (well thank goodness for hefty computers).

MOSP 2.0 is on Route 7 which is handy and gives road frontage and buffer. Now it has a better view due to the abandonment of an ocean sim. The land across the road -- now waterfront -- is rental, so I will keep watch over that and someday expansion may be possible. Meanwhile the neighborhood is pretty nice and sets other than ground level are safely ensconced in surrounds.

EDIT:  Well by mid afternoon SLT the "previous tenant" had returned. I did fly out  to the sim this morning to check the land tab and it did indeed say protected land. It wasn't just missing from a restart as I FLEW through the sim and READ that land tab info. So perhaps the owner just forgot to pay tier and got that straightened out. 

Alas, it was nice while it lasted. Have to say there seems to be quite a few unusual things happening lately. But we are used to that.

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