Monday, February 15, 2016

Let There Be Light

click for larger photo

Now a lot of you will probably know this, but for the non-builders here's a little trick that can help with your photos. And -- its easy. 

When you need light in a certain area and Windlight isn't helping you out, you can make your own illumination easily. Simple rez a sphere, go to the FEATURES tab in the building menu and put a check in the "light" box. You can play with the numbers if you are adventurous or just use as is. You can of course make two or three lights as needed. 

If they will be out of your shooting frame, they work as is. If not you can go to the textures tab, click on the texture box which probably looks like plywood, and choose transparent.  If you loose tack of your ball light, just hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys and tap "T" and it will appear in red --- along with anything else that is transparent. Ugly, but it works.

You can of course build your light balls right a MOSP, but if you are in a spot where you can't rez, you can ATTACH a premade light to your body AND put yourself in a pose so you won't be shifting the light around. That works too. 


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