Sunday, May 19, 2013

Full Sim City and More

A new full sim city build is up at MOSP. It is minimalist as there are only so many prims to be had *wink* -- but there is VISTA. I love vista. I made some new mesh buildings at a great land impact value and scattered them around the whole sim-sized surround. There are a couple of streets. A corner with cars, transit terminals,  shops, a small park -- and VISTA. There is also a huge grassy area which could act as a concert in the park setting. Should you need special shop signs  for filming, just send me a full perm texture and I'll switch them out for you.

Also new is a beautifully textured dungeon. Doors and hallways lead nowhere of course, this is a "set", not a castle. I did make a pretty spiffy view from one of the grated exits. Desolate and foreboding, it is rock and brambles.

If you need extra flames, let me know. Derender any that you don't want to see. I left them unlinked for that purpose.

The center grill in the hall is phantom so that you can move easily to find your shots.

Both the haystack and the chopping block are now fixed and giving out items so that the well-animated props work correctly.

This thanks to someone who alerted me. MOSP is a big place, not only in land size but in "levels" and currently has about 50 sets. There is no way I can continuously check them -- well there is but I'm not going there :D.

So PLEASE if you find something not working or prims floating and such -- send and IM to Chic Aeon. I would appreciate that.

While I was fixing up the farmland, I added a small hilly set with some more realistic textures as the hay mound on dark green grass wasn't all that realistic. If you like that green grass, just derender the hills *wink*.

And here is my tip of the week; draw distance.  MOSP is getting fairly crowded now. Vistas could be difficult to come by -- especially on the ground. If you need a clean shot of "farmland" for instance, simply turn your draw distance down to a low setting. Magic, all those incongruous buildings disappear and you have clear skies and rolling hills.

New additions and replacements continue to appear.  This week it was in Peaceful Valley where the is a new very very vintage fridge in the Bayou Shack. 

When I started putting the first MOSP together -- and again when it was resurrected on LEA7 -- I wasn't terribly concerned with prim counts. I mean, a WHOLE sim! :D

But as more sets were added, those new land impact points became more important. So part of my self described job description for the future will be continuously updating existing builds with the emphasis on super quality and low land impact mesh.

My personal equation has something to do with visual impact in comparison to land impact costs. So some older prim buildings will certainly remain for awhile. They have their own charm and are some of the most popular places at MOSP.

But I suspect that in a year, most of LEA7 will be mesh, so much more can be fitted in.

And we want MORE! 

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