Sunday, May 26, 2013

Romance and Exotics

So much newness was added to MOSP this week along with many upgrades, the photos won't all fit on the blog. You will just have to come and see for yourself!

Up first, a lovely new Spring garden area with flowering cherry trees and impressive mesh fountain can be found at the new Cherry Blossom Romance area. The space is only party full, but there are plenty of great filming areas as well as single and couple animations in both bench and fountain.

The Moroccan abode in SAND finally has furniture. There is even a hookah and other lounging areas not in this shot.

The new blue Beach Bungalow is packed full of brand new furniture. Color rules the day here. Great animations abound.

Don't miss the new outdoor seating on the deck. There is a superb newspaper reading and coffee drinking (same time) animation. Very realistic.

There are many new additions to the Medieval Village in SOIL.

Items were also added to the City Lights full sim build, Sound Stage 1 and the Sci Fi Pod.

A new basement jam pad is now on Sound Stage Two. There is lots more to this set than shown here, so stop by and take a look. You will need to bring your own drumsticks for awhile. The set doesn't give them out. I promise to make some soon. The animation is good though and that's important.

That's this week's round up; it's been a busy one. I'll have something STUPENDOUS for you next time.

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