Sunday, May 5, 2013

Newness for May

There's a spiffy new top of the line kitchen complete with animations over at the Newport Beach House (gray Cape Cod) at Beach Walk.  And yes, I cheated and used one of my fashion blog photos here. Let's call it human interest.

And while food is on our minds, there is also a great new picnic set complete with sputtering barbecue. A plastic pool lets the kids or adults (couples animations) cool off from the summer heat.

And there is a giant beer cooler -- well of course there is.

Find this all in the park at SAGE.

This spectacular boat is now docked (well there is no dock so maybe parked is a more correct term) down by the Newport Beach house at Beach Walk. 

It is in the sim proper and while you cannot drive it, you could certainly rez some pose balls and film a scene.

There are nearly 300 prims of detail. It is impressive.

Along with other small touches here and there is this fishing stool currently placed over by the lighthouse.

Sit down and the pole asks to be attached to your hand. Then fish with animation in the calm waters of Beach Walk.

I must say that the lighthouse is one of the most popular spots at MOSP. Whenever I am down on the ground there is often someone staring out at its solid presence against the sky.

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