Sunday, May 12, 2013

What's New Mid May

There is a sunny new abode at Beach Walk. Filled with bright colors and an inviting deck with view, it currently features a kids room, a music room and a living room nook. More will appear as time goes by of course. Venture over and have a look!

The City of Lost Souls has some new decor. I had to smile when I saw this come in.  I was mightily happy to see some "good quality grunge decor" appear in my inventory.

Honestly this is lots of fun with some great animations including an under the table one (some adjustments in those X, Y, Z axises needed). I am working on getting a bit more grunginess on the walls but it will happen.

Grab a bottle of beer and enjoy!

Someone wondered awhile back if there were any Sci-Fi builds at MOSP. I had to answer "no" as that is not really my forte. But a hunt with some stellar items came my way and there is now a small but very impressive futuristic skybox available for those wanting a beyond modern locale. This table that I am sitting on plays music. Touch the different disks to illicit sounds, then press the control button (or do it in the opposite way as that works too).  I am thinking you could actually make your own soundtrack and record it here!

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